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What is DCEtool and how to install it

DCEtool is a R package to design, respond and analyze DCEs. DCEtool has been coded in R using the visual interface provided by the shiny package. DCEtool is available in the CRAN repository and can be easily installed typing the following code in R or RStudio.


Before running the previous code, shiny must be installed and activated:


Once shiny and DCEtool are installed and activated, the visual interface of DCEtool can be launched running the following code:


How to use it

Design settings

DCEtool has been design to be intuitive and easy to use. The interface is divided into seven tabs. To create a new DCE, the design characteristics must be entered in the ‘Design settings’ tab. First, type the number of attributes and then the number of levels in each attribute. Don’t worry about the names, you will be able to change them later.